• Streamlines acquisitions from inception to award
  • Provides variable workflows using configurable business rules
  • Tracks document package repositories per request
  • Provides robust dashboards for detailed performance metric reporting
  • Collects real-time workforce management data, pinpointing delays
  • Interfaces with vendors to provide "quick-order" catalog
  • Scaleable, robust, cloud-based solution
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  • Scaleable Barcode Asset Management System with unlimited user-definable fields
  • Handheld computers with scanners that can be re-configured by the user
  • Import/export feature allows you to easily interface with existing systems
  • Collects and manages unlimited color images and scanned documents
  • Signatures collected in the handheld and linked to centralized personnel
  • Collects purchase information and calculate depreciation
  • Work orders track requests, progress, and fulfillment
  • Installs on premises or in the cloud
  • Affordable on-going technical support available for both Government and private sector customers
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ICAM Portal

  • Provides end-to-end identity lifecycle in support of ICAM (Identity, Credentialing and Access Management) program structures
  • Integrates with active directory to deliver policy driven attribute-based access management (ABAC) allowing for easy application level provisioning
  • Provides enterprise level authorization, authentication, policy and entitlement management
  • Real-time user identification and access dashboard reporting
  • Provides identity correlation and active directory object syncronization
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  • Federal property management organization contract portfolio management
  • Federal enterprise financial system integration
  • Business intelligence and workload analysis
  • Data modeling with robust, data-driven visualizations
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