Asset Management

GLT’s Subject Matter Experts provide physical asset inventory and training services. This support includes planning, executing, and assessing available systems and tools to complete physical and electronic inventories. Upon request, GLT will conduct a thorough review of your business's asset management policies and processes, from acquisition to disposition, and make recommendations that will:

  • Improve the accuracy of financial records
  • Streamline processes
  • Establish internal controls
  • Leverage existing technology
  • Identify inefficiencies and waste

Our Commitment

GLT takes great pride in our dedication to our Clients. We are committed to assisting you increase accountability and make each of your asset management processes and acquisition processes efficient and effective.

Asset Management

Our team has developed well-defined automated processes for asset management and acquisition, with enough flexibility to tailor to specific need. Our expertise lies in:

  • Policy Development and ASTM International Standards
  • Life-Cycle Asset Management
  • E-procurement
  • Life-Cycle Acquisition Support
  • Voluntary Consensus Standards (VCS)
  • Physical and Electronic Inventory Management